May 17, 2010

Weekly Challenge - strength Training

I needed some time to think about this week’s challenge, and since I only managed to get my challenge workout in once last week I needed something more interesting to me as well. I’ve been at the gym now for a month, and I’ve been reading some information that states “that after about 4-6 weeks of doing the same exercises all the time, your body gets used to it and it's no longer as effective as it once was” from the sparkpeople.com experts. This week's challenge is to add some variety to your strength training routine, either by trying some new equipment, or by changing the exercises you're currently doing.

I currently do an arms and abs routine that is set up next to the cardio equipment at my gym. I have seen the return of a lot of my strength again, and am working on increasing the tone in my arm muscles. But, I think for weight loss concerns I need to focus, also, on my lower body more often. So, I have been rolling around some ideas and have some great workouts planned for my lower body.
- 3 new exercises I will include: Lunges with 5lb weights, squats with ball or balance board, Single Leg Standing Balance with Hip Flexion (click on this to view a link for a demo on exercise).
-Here’s a list of exercises with links to help you get started on some core strength training exercises.
-Beginners: Back Extension, Classic Wood Chop with Medicine Ball, Dumbbell Side Bends, Hip Flexor, and Standing Side Bend with Towel.
- More Advanced: Advanced Wood Chop with Medicine Ball, Bicycle Crunches, Low Mount Crunches with Band, and Reverse Crunch with Ball

For more help in developing a good start or changing your strength training routine talk with a trainer at your local gym or click here for some at home exercise.


  1. Are you serious lunges... the last time I did those I couldnt walk the next day.

  2. yes, lunges, and yes my butt and thighs hurt too!