May 02, 2010

Weigh In

Weight: 287.4

Total Weight Loss: 20.9

(don't mind my ugly toes!)

I have lost -1.6 pounds this week, and a total of 20.9 pounds since January 1. I was hoping that I would drop more then this, and for most of the week I was down almost 5 lbs until I went out to eat! Have I not said this over and over and over again? I am so sick of falling into this trap every week. I went out to Applebee’s for dinner Saturday night and I choose to make a poor choice in foods, but my resolution towards that choice was to workout at the gym early the next day before church. Which I did, and I assumed it would help to combat those calories I consumed. Apparently it did not, so I am moving on. This past week I went to the gym every other day, making it 4 days total with at least 90 minutes of exercise each time.

So for this week I am trying to take some gym classes with my gym buddy! Tomorrow is spin class! I will see how that goes; I have to admit I am a little apprehensive if I am capable of accomplishing such a class. My personal challenge this week will be to loss 5 pounds!

Weekly Challenge: Burn 7,000 calories this week – 1,000 a day and Workout 7 days this week.

The challenge this week will be to make it to the gym every day. I have 1 day where I have a class in the evening away from home, so somehow I will have to find a way to get there before they close. For those of you will home equipment, what would be your biggest challenge to be able to work out each day? Gym goers, do you have the same challenge as I do (getting there before they close) or is there something more or less challenging?

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