May 03, 2010

Amazing Feats!

I know many of you are dealing with your own weight issues. Have you ever thought about what your life is like being over weight? What it might be like to not have that excess weight on you? Not the emotions, but the actual physical life. As my weight begins to go down I begin to notice those little things in life that are becoming easier to do as my waist line decreases.

Just over the weekend I notice these things. First, I recently began to be able to wrap that towel around me again after my shower. How amazing does that feel? With my boobs becoming large from breastfeeding and then weight gain I had not been able to wrap a towel around me for over a year. Next thing I noticed this weekend was walking through a gate for the Sesame Street live show. You know the gate, the narrow metal gate with the rotating bar, yeah that one. I don’t remember the last time I had to go through one of those, but I did this mental vision of what if I was still 30lbs heavier? I wouldn’t have been able to go through that. That thought made me feel great!

Some other great feats I’ve noticed becoming easier for me include crossing my legs, shaving my legs, and standing on a chair. When your waist is so large and your legs are so swollen any of these can become a laboring activity all on it’s on. I can also do cardio exercise for much longer then I use to be, sometimes even an hour. I even walked a 10K without exhorting myself. How fantastic is that?

So, anyone come across something they are now capable of doing that their previous weight would not allow them to do?


  1. Tie my shoes without holding my breath! Isn't it crazy? I love it!

  2. Oh wow, that's exactly true for me too! I had to wear slip on shoes for so long!