June 25, 2010

Day 4 of The Biggest Loser Plan

Woke up to the dog barking this morning, which in tern woke up Julia, which in tern meant I had to wake myself up fully to help get her back to sleep. This means I am now tired and hungry and am looking to have breakfast earlier then normal. Which also means I will wants to eat earlier, resulting in more hunger throughout the day. I’m nervous about the evening time because I am going out with my girlfriends to have some pampering done on us, and will be missing dinner time. So, this will either result in me snacking extra, eating late, or not eating the planned meal and eating something else. We will see how this goes. So far, Kashi Go lean cereal is in the near future for me.
Kashi Go Lean was good, but not fulfilling to me. I also had fruit, and the milk in the cereal and I still felt hungry. For my snack I was suppose to make these dessert type peanut butter and flaxseed things, but I didn’t have all the ingredients so I went with an whole grain English muffin with peanut butter. I did however go over the calories a bit I think, but I made up for it by sharing half of it with Julia. Lunch was fantastically large, Tuna salad and fruit. I scooped out about 3 oz of tuna, added the measured ingredients, and the entire thing filled up a large serving bowl. I did eat it all though! I had some more fruit for my afternoon snack since it was another fruit smoothie with The Biggest Loser protein powder.

I prepped dinner for ginger chicken and rice, but I had an appointment to go to with my friends to get our nails done. So, I was going to be home late for dinner. I was starving the entire time. By the time I would have got home it would have been 9 o’clock, so I joined my friends at a Mexican restaurant and shared some food. I ordered chicken nachos and only ate half of them, and ate some chips and salsa. Jon had made the chicken and rice and saved me some, and I regret eating the gross food instead of coming home and eating the healthy food. It looked so much better then what I ate.

No workout today either, so I will have to push it some today to make up for the eating out calories. Overall, I was hungry a lot today!

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  1. love your way in living a healthy lifestyle. challenging oneself to perfect to reach some goal. it can drive you more to make it better everyday. definitely, you will loss weight in this way. good luck.