June 14, 2010

Weekly challenge - Step 1

Weekly Challenge: Ok, so below this post we have 7 new challenges now! First step in our challenge is to set a goal! It can be either a weight goal, a food choice goal, or an activity goal. Make one long term goal and then make a 3 step short term goal.

Mine: I’m choosing to have weight based goals because right now it is my main focus. I want to be in a certain range of weight within a certain time period in order to begin trying to have another child. This is the main focus now, but I still have so many other areas I am working on. So, if you are only trying to lose 10-25 lbs make your focus more on the habits and the exercise then the numbers.

Long Term Goal – Lose 110 pounds in 18 months from my original starting weight. This would be at 198 lbs. Still not a healthy weight for my body, but once I get below 200 it will be much more difficult for me to lose weight. I will then set another goal once I hit this one.

Step 1 short term goal – Lose 37 lbs by June 15
This has been a goal I’ve set for myself for awhile, and it doesn’t appear I am going to make it. But that is ok. Step 1 is going to be the hardest in the weight loss journey, but it doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

Step 2 short term goal – Lose 50 more lbs by January 1, 2011. This will take me to 1 year in my journey and about 2 weeks before I make some other great steps in my life at our church’s Victory Celebration. I will have lost 87 lbs to meet this goal.

Step 3 short term goal – Lose 23 more lbs by the time I turn 30 (June 15, 2011). This will take me to 110 lbs!


  1. I love your goals... I totally love your goals... My goal... please help.. set up a spiritual blog... kinda like your personal blog where I can talk about my spiritual growth and family..... what do you think.

  2. I love this idea! I really think your spiritual growth will really reflect any of your weight loss. We can set it up this week sometime.