June 14, 2010

7 Steps to Success

7 Steps to success: This 7 steps will be part of our challenges for the next 7 weeks, and will give us motivation and dedication to our weight loss journeys.

1. Set the goal: Have a large goal set, but make sure to always have small goals that help you to reach that small goal. Also, post those goals in places you are going to see them on a regular basis – the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or your desktop on the computer.

2. Start small: Don’t expect to lose 5, 10, or even 20 pounds in the first week or month. Making small steps in your weight loss will give you small results, and in turn you will have huge results in the end.

3. Have support: Have an accountability partner!!! I didn’t think I would need this when I first started, that my blog would be enough. Then I began to get bored of it all and just when I started needed one God walked her right into my sights for what I needed. Someone who I can confess to about my poor choices, someone who has a shared goal of weight loss and healthy living, and someone who is willing to go to the gym with me and work just as hard to get those results. I can’t say it more; having someone to talk to, workout with, or even to cook with can be so beneficial to your weight loss.

4. Focus on everyday habits: This is the ground work of my life. My everyday habits have to change. I can not sit in front of the TV having a snack, I can not run to get a pizza because I am too tired to cook, and I certainly can not ignore the sunny weather and sit inside all day. In fact it really only takes us 30-66 days to build a new habit, the curve really depends on how interested you are in actually forming that habit. So the easier the habit is to you, the quicker it will become one. Make it happen!

5. Learn as much as possible: Read as much as you can about cooking, eating, exercising, and healthy living as possible. Cookbooks have so much more then just recipes in them, and read articles on stretching, cardio, or circuit training. Talk to people who have lost weight and kept it off, what did they do that helped them? Know why it’s important to work certain areas of the body, and why we should eat certain foods, don’t just assume you know what you’re doing.

6. Have fun: Getting healthy can seem like a laborious task, and typically we begin to give up when it feels that way. So, why does it? Honestly, it doesn’t have to feel that way. Make your activities fun, join an adults sport league, try a new sport out, chase your kids around, and just enjoy the life you are creating for yourself.

7. Put in on Paper: My blog has become the journal that I have always needed when it came to weight loss. I have seen a few other people do the same as me after reading my blog and I know that many of you write out your thoughts in some way or another. Make sure you have your goals, desires, and even your feelings down on paper to help you stay focused.


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