June 30, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Step 4

Your seven steps to success - Step 4:
"Focus on everyday habits: This is the ground work of my life. My everyday habits have to change. I can not sit in front of the TV having a snack, I can not run to get a pizza because I am too tired to cook, and I certainly can not ignore the sunny weather and sit inside all day. In fact it really only takes us 30-66 days to build a new habit, the curve really depends on how interested you are in actually forming that habit. So the easier the habit is to you, the quicker it will become one. Make it happen!"

Our everyday habits are what got us in this place in the first place. Like I said above, it's only going to take you a short time to get into the habit of eating well and exercising on a regular basis.

Weekly challenge: Find 1 bad habit you are continuing to do (i.e - eating late at night, watching tv more then 2 hours a day, drinking soda, eating candy every day) and stop the habit! Make it small at first, then by day 7 have it eliminated.

My bad habit will be late night snacking. I don't do this every night, and not as often as I was, but I do catch myself still finding something to eat when I come home from the gym. I don't want to do this anymore!


  1. My bad habit... snacking late at night... okay it is gone.. that is my commitment.

  2. Ok, you have to text me if you have any snacks after the gym! :D You go Girl!