July 08, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Step 5

Out 5th step in our 7 steps to success is this...
" 5. Learn as much as possible: Read as much as you can about cooking, eating, exercising, and healthy living as possible. Cookbooks have so much more then just recipes in them, and read articles on stretching, cardio, or circuit training. Talk to people who have lost weight and kept it off, what did they do that helped them? Know why it’s important to work certain areas of the body, and why we should eat certain foods, don’t just assume you know what you’re doing."

I read blogs, cookbooks, and websites filled with information on weight loss, calories, exercise, and how the body reacts to all of this. I am a wealth of knowledge. You should be too! Here is the main blog I read:
and the main website I visit:

Weekly Challenge: Read an article, book, or new blog about weight loss, exercise, or healthy eating. Post your information here on on facebook so we can all bask in your knowledge!

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