August 12, 2010

Reporting back to Duty...

Where have I been? I’ve been on hiatus. I didn’t decide this until about a week ago, but life has been catching up with me and having time on the computer, at the gym, with my family, and doing things for myself have all been packed full each day. I have been tracking my weight every day like usual, but I have not been at the gym each day like I would hope to be. The past 2 weeks I have managed a hand full of visits to the gym, continue to watch what I eat and keep an active lifestyle. I have by no means become lazy and lethargic again, or I am most certainly not going through a depression any time soon. Life has been happy and healthy. I have indulged in cookies, baked a few deserts and tasted them, and eaten out a couple of times. But, there is no need to panic that I have given up. I need to tell myself this as well as all of you who read this blog.

I still see the light at the end of the tunnel, and when I do make it to the gym I feel so invigorated and alive that I wish I could be there every day for hours. But, my reality is that I have priorities and need to make adjustments when necessary. How has everyone enjoyed their summer? I have been relishing in the farmer’s market produce, walking fanatically in the sunny weather, and enjoying the blooming flowers. My friends and family are BBQ experts, and the wives and I have all become great at setting up a quick BBQ for all of us to eat at in just a short couple of hours. Corn on the cob, BBQ chicken, hamburgers and hotdogs, smoked ribs, zucchini bread, French fries, potato salad, chips, homemade ranch, and beer and soda are just a few of the staples that our BBQ have. But, don’t let this list fool you – we eat very healthy. Also a salad made with it, whole wheat buns, half of the cob shared with your neighbor, turkey burgers over beef are just some of the ways we make summer eating a healthy way of life. But, you gotta love the blueberry pie sometimes too!

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