September 07, 2010

The Biggest Loser Motivation

One of the biggest motivations I’ve had since I began my journey to a thinner self was watching The Biggest Loser TV show. I absolutely love this show – I love the trainers, I love the challenges, and I love watching people loss the weight and become healthy and happier. This is why I want to become the biggest loser in my life. I don’t need to compete for a prize - the prize is my life, the activity I can do, the joys I can share, the pictures I can be in, and the healthly lifestyle I obtain and give to my family. The new season of The Biggest Loser premier’s tonight and I am watching it! I am going to cut me some fruit and plop right down on the couch and watch all 2 hours of it with commercials! You know why? Because it’s that awesome and motivating to me! And then tomorrow, I’m going to take whatever motivation I have been given from those 2 hours and spend it all at the gym!

My Biggest Loser competition:
I dare you to become the biggest loser in your life. I dare you to lose as much weight as I will each week. I dare you to follow the same regimented lifestyle as these people are each day, each hour, and each moment on their everyday! I am going to be the biggest loser every week – each Wednesday I will weigh in still and have a weekly goal of having a higher % of weight loss then the person on the show that week. Now granted, the first week they loose like 10-15 pounds, so I may not beat them this week, but I will win sometimes and that’s what will motivate me!

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