September 03, 2010

Wednesday Weigh in....on Friday

Weight: 268

Total Weight Loss: 40.1

I have lost 0 pounds this week and a total of 40.1 pounds since January 1. Sorry for the delay in posting – I did weigh myself on Wednesday, but never had enough time to get around to posting the picture. No loss this week, but like it has been lately I have been busy with all kind of things and not focusing so much on the gym time. Once fall hits and summer ends, I will begin a much more regimented schedule. Also, Gym Buddy should return by October!


  1. Oh I highly recommend Korean food... it is great on the waistline.
    But don't despair you are working very hard and things will start to workout in your favor soon.

  2. Thanks Megan! Korean food is yummy...send me some ideas to make at home.