November 12, 2010

Weekly weigh in - The Past 3 Weeks

Last Week:
Last Friday I had a doctor’s appointment (just a check-up) and was weighed in at 271 pounds. This would put me up +4 pounds at that time.

This week:
Weight: 262.6

Total Weight Loss: 45.5 since January 1, 2010.

I have lost -8.4 pounds this week. Wow, can you believe I managed to loss this much in 1 week!? I am so excited for such a huge number. Granted I am still up from where I was at last month, but I must be doing something right. So, what have I been doing? I cut out red meat the past 2 weeks and went back to chicken and turkey meats, as well as fish, and beans for my proteins. I’ve been making it to the gym more often as well – this week 3 times on top of my walks with Julia. I’ve also been drinking more water and only coffee for my caffeine intake. So, all together it must be working.

2 weeks ago:
Weight: 267

Total Weight Loss: 41.1

I have lost +6.2 pounds this week and a total of 41.1 pounds since January 1.

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