January 04, 2011

Best of #2

Today I want to share with you how powerful we all can be. I've learned a lot in the past year and especially in the lifetime of weight loss I have struggled with. Gimmicks don't work, hard work and effort is what it takes.


Posted on May 01, 2010

Knowledge is Power
What I have learned can help you too. I have started to believe this in myself. I have begun to acknowledge the fact that I do have know-how and can help others with their struggles. Not only in weight loss, but in all areas of life. For so long I had this doubt in myself that I was incapable in helping others. I have a degree in psychology, and worked in my field rather unsuccessfully for 4 ½ years. I am no where close to be able to go back into the working world of counseling, but I think once I am I will be fully directed in the right direction. God has given me knowledge and is allowing me to walk with Him to learn how to use that knowledge.

When it comes to weight loss I fully believe that gimmicks are false hope sent from Evil. I know this sounds rather harsh, but without knowing my bible verses well or much of the stories I do believe that God gives us the power to do such things on our own. Gimmicks are all about short term successes, and not about what we really want to gain from weight loss – a healthy self. I think many people loss sight at that when they want to fit into that bikini or fancy dress for the big night.

When people tell me that they are inspired by what I am doing it makes me happy, but then they proceed to tell me about some system they have to lose weight fast. If you need assistance in learning how to become a healthy eater or have an active lifestyle, then read a book, search the web, talk to a friends, but DO NOT spend money on gimmicks. I remember trying L.A Weight loss a few years ago, and they were all about supplements, certain amount of each type of food, and buy this drink or food. But, I never found any results with them because it wasn’t right for my body. I probably spent around $1,000 or more for that. What a waist. I’ve done Jenny Craig, again, another buy our food program. Weight Watchers is one I have never used, and I do love their recipes, but point counting seems a little out there too.

My program includes learning more and more about what I need to eat and not eat, what area of my body needs to be worked out, and how I am going to do that successfully. I count my calories, and I use a web site to help me with that. I didn’t use to; I use to count them myself using a calculator. I workout 3-5 times a week for an hour a more using cardio and weight training to build lean muscles to burn calories. I read other weight loss blogs that inspire me to keep me motivated. My blog is my ultimate accountability, but I have friends who also keep me accountable. These steps have finally given me the building blocks to know I am living the right kind of life.

I have goals, and they keep me motivated, but the ultimate goal is to live healthy, life long, and be a role model for others and my family.

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