January 04, 2011

Quick Check in for the night

I feel amazing and exptreamly tired all at the same time. It's been a rough couple of days with some major changes going on with my kido, and trying to fit in all the extra working out I'm attempting to get in. Last night I had no exercise, but lots of stress with a salad. haha. Tonight though I made it to the gym, did about an hour of cardio and ab exercise, came home to put the munchkin to bed, and then did my 35 minutes of EA Active 30 day Challenge on my Wii. Tonight's workout consited of 35 minutes on the Eliptical and then 15 minutes of stretching and sit-ups on the balance ball. On the Wii was upper body workout, mostly focusing on the shoulders and back. I'm feeling great, and have been making sure to include salads and more fruits into my meals.

Tomorrow is weigh in day! We shall see!

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