January 08, 2011

Best of #6

I think exercise is great for all of us, young, old, fat or skinny - we all need it in our lives! Back in March (and some time after) I was keeping weekly fitness challenges, and this was so inspiring, so now I have them in a larger scale (The Biggest Loser contest) and am keeping them as motivation.
March 24, 2010
1-Hour Every Day Ladies!
The past two days I have been very successful in my one hour goal. I have been using a borrowed workout DVD by Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. It’s a crazy intense workout packed full of everything in 20 minutes. I started last night and did another tonight, and let me tell you my muscles feel like jell-o. I’ve also added in my daily walks with Julia, and managed 1 hour!

I recently heard on the news that a middle-aged women (what age is that, because I certainly feel middle-aged) needs to work out at lest 1 hour a day every day in order to loose weight. This is ridiculous to put so much pressure on women, but now that I am in day 4 of my 1 hour challenge I can feel how important it is. During the huge pump to encourage children to get out in play the catch phrase was “Get out and play, one hour a day!” Now why would 1 hour a day apply to children and not adults? We need it just as much as they do, probably even more with all the stress and responsibilities we hold on our shoulders. Now I am no way saying that this is realistic, but if we break it up into 15 or 20 minute increments through out the day is certainly can be. Hope everyone is working on the challenge!

Tonight by the way my wonderful husband worked out with me, and it really helped me to get through the intensity of my exercise. I really think having a partner during the hard times is so crucial, and I hope I'll be able to lean on him more for that. Thanks babe!

Total Calories Burned today: 802

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