January 08, 2011

Stay-at-Home-Mom daily food log

So, what does a SAHM eat during the day while she’s trying to lose weight and be healthy? I’m glad you asked because today I kept a digital record of what I ate for you because I know how much you want to know. Humor me and agree please.

So I’ve been trying to find time to really plan out what I’m going to eat down to every calorie, but it takes time and a lot of creativity to keep that up and those aspects are usually used up on other things my SAHM duties call for.

For breakfast I had an Eggo Multi-Grain toaster waffle with no butter, no sugar added strawberry jam, and light sprinkle of light syrup. I also had a banana and 2 cups of coffee.Snack consisted of this little marshmallow, chocolate walnut bars my Sister-in-law brought over (darn her!)

Lunch was yummy! I made a roasted turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread – with miracle whip and spicy mustard sauce; Swiss cheese lettuce; tomato; 1 pepper-chini sliced up; and a sprinkle of black olives. I had an apple with it and a bowl of salad with ranch dressing.

For afternoon snack I had some corn chips and salsa while I made soup for dinner.

The grand finale for the evening was Heart Family Soup (Jon’s family) with cornbread. The soup is a beef and tomato based soup with barley, potatoes, vegys and diced up beef. It’s yummy!!I choose not to take the time to count the calories for each meal, but I kept my portion sizes under control and will attempt to gather some calorie date another day.

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