January 17, 2011

Biggest Loser Contest 1st Challenge

My first challenge for the contest is being laid down right away and it's super motivating! The Highest Percent of Weight Loss at the end of week three, February 4th wins, and Men and Women compete against each other. There will be only one winner. The prize is a $25 subway gift card, and let me tell you that would be awesome!

Here are the rules:

Week 1 -(Jan. 17th) and Week 2 - (Jan. 24th) - Weigh-in, record the date, your weight and your assigned number on the weigh-in slips provided. Turn them into the front desk or trainer. A TRAINER DOES NOT NEED TO WEIGH YOU IN THESE TWO WEEKS.

Week 3 - (Jan. 31st)
Dead line to weigh-in is Fri Feb. 4th by 12:00 noon
This weigh-in MUST be verified by a trainer or staff member and initialed on the weigh-in slips. Turn slip into staff or trainer who witnessed & verified. The trainers MAINTAIN the biggest loser board.

So, tonight at the first class I will get an idea of who I'm up against in this challenge and hopefully my nutrition plan will crack that metabolism in gear and I will be off to a head start!

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