January 27, 2011

Biggest Loser Contestant Visit...

The Biggest Loser - Ep 1003: Week 3- Tina - Video - NBC.com

This week the Biggest Loser Contest at my gym will be hosting a speaking engagement from Tina Elliott from season 10's The Biggest Loser. Tina is from right here in Boring, OR and was voted off during week 3 when she choose to go home. I rooted for her right from the start, and though I didn't see much strength in her for leaving as she did on the show watching her "where is she now" video does show me that she's paying it forward for her family - which is what it's all about.

Her visit will be this Saturday and Wednesday for 30 minutes of speaking and Q & A session. She will be talking about her journey, nutritional highlights, and doing it on her own. Do any of you watch the show, and if so do you have any questions for her? I could probably come up a good dozen questions regarding the show and her journey!

- What are Bob & Jillian like?
- Why did you choose to walk away from a chance of a lifetime and go home?
- What tends to be the biggest obstacle for you in fitness and in nutrition, and why?
- How much more weight do you plan to loose?

Ok, so give me your questions? If you could meet a constant from The Biggest Loser, what would you ask them?

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