January 26, 2011

Discouraged, but not giving up!

It’s week 2 in the Biggest Loser Contest and though I’m feeling confident in my workout routine, I felt major discouragement yesterday when seeing that many people lost weight the first week (and many gained or stayed the same). But, after venting about all the things I see wrong in my weight loss last night to my wonderful husband I feel more stable with my situation. I am in a contest, and maybe that is causing a little more stress to lose faster, but for the most part I’m hear to change my lifestyle and have already made huge strides in doing so. Just yesterday my daughter wanted grapes over anything else; because she’s been exposed to healthier foods then she would have if I was still a junk food junkie. I feel good about that!

Here’s a quick rundown on my vented feelings, so that everyone knows we are all in the same boat.
- I didn’t lose weight last week even though I worked out 6 days in a row, kept my calories down under 1,500 a day, and drank plenty of water.
- I’m still wearing the same sized clothes as I was 30 pounds ago! I’ve only dropped down 2 pant sizes since losing 49 pounds!
- I really want to eat more, and though I’m trying not to not to deprive myself of any certain foods I am trying to change my cravings/desires/pallet into wanting the healthier stuff over the junk food (i.e. – Ice cream, popcorn, taco bell 5th meal)

So, there you have it. I was feeling pretty down last night and if someone had put a temptation in front of me (like taco bell) I may not have been able to turn it down! Though Jon did eat the last of the ice cream right in front of me, I have to thank him for doing so. Because I may have eaten it today with some good qualifying reasons.

So, I may not win the 3 week challenge, because I may be putting on more muscles around my body, but I have to remember that slow and steady will win the race, and there will be a week where I have huge results. I just have to give myself a little more faith!

Tuesday’s Daily Calories: 1,535
Tuesday’s Daily Calorie Burn: 736 (estimated)

Monday’s Daily Calories: 1,384
Monday’s Daily Calorie Burn: 1,150 (estimated)

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