January 12, 2011

Life getting in the way!

Life has gotten in the way again of my goals. I’ve had two days without the gym now and I know to most of you that sounds like nothing, but for me to stay focused I have to stay consistent. I can’t go off track even a little, and sometimes I’m just going to have to admit defeat in that area from time to time. Monday I had a birthday party to go to, and by the time we got home and put Julia to bed I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch until midnight. Since I had made it to the gym Sunday I didn’t feel super horrible, but I did miss a day of my 30 day challenge. That gave me some guilt. Then came Tuesday, and I had some out of the house work to do (babysitting) all day and had a very frustrating time attempting to get Julia to take a nap in a place other then her own bed. (Took all my energy!) So, by the time I was headed home I was so mentally fatigued that I could barely talk. My amazingly loving husband was fabulous – he made dinner, took care of clean-up, let me fall asleep off and on all night long, and even gave Julia her bath and did most of the bed time routine. Again, I missed the gym and my 30 day challenge. I was so drained I couldn’t even find the energy to stretch! I went to bed early, slept the entire night, woke feeling rested for the most part, and am ready to find the strength today. For the days that are hard I’m really going to have to dig a lot deeper into my soul and faith to know that even when it’s hard I have the ability to succeed. I think one of my major road blocks in life has been not allowing me to see this. So, today is Zumba night and I will go and work my butt off, come home and do my 30 day challenge, and pass out from even more exhaustion. And, it will all be worth it in the end!

A Side note – I have my Biggest Loser Weigh in and body comp test on Friday at 12:30. More details on this to come.

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