January 12, 2011

Best of #9

Stress is such a huge part of our daily lives and sometimes it takes over our mind and body (especially). This past post doesn't have any tips or helpful thoughts, it's just a reminder to you that we all have a hard time. I'm having a hard time even this week, only 2 weeks into the new year. Let's refocus on our goals, and remember to simplify your life instead of complicate it.
March 06, 2010

Help me De-Stress!

Ok, so apparently I didn’t get the message that I gained weight yesterday since I baked chocolate chip cookies tonight. I only had 2 cookies, but it’s just not something I should be eating. I know that this journey is not suppose to completely restrict me from enjoying life and all that it has to offer, but I feel guilty for eating them. I should be proud that I only had 2, and that I didn’t sit and eat the whole bowl of batter instead.

I’ve noticed that my stress tolerance is much lower the past few days and that usually leads me to eating and stress is a huge factor with your body holding onto fat instead of allowing you to shed it. It can cause blood pressure increases, headaches, fatigue, and digestion problems. I’ve probably had all of these issues this week, so I need to distress some how. My at home exercising doesn’t seem to be allowing for the distressing that I need at this point, and I’m not sure where I can get it from. Some people drink, I usually eat, so I need to find some better coping mechanisms. I love to scrapbook and usually it’s a great outlet for me, but I’m at a pass in that road for the time being as I wait to pick up new photos I’ve printed. So, any suggestions followers?

Other things I’ve been trying include cleaning, sleeping, longer walks, zoning out, baking and not eating all the food, and of course the useless crying jag. I might go track down my knitting and try to finish the baby hat I started in the hospital 2 years ago.

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  1. I know that routines have become my way of life. I do not keep any cookies, chips or snacks with high calories in the house ever! I found some low fat fiber bars that have choc on them so I eat those when kneed a snack. Every night I go into mtg craft room for two hours while Craig keeps the kids, I so look forward to that time. We go to bed at 8 when the kids go to bed and that gives us time to talk and just decompress from the day. Keep up the good work!