March 18, 2011

The Final Weigh In

This morning I went for my final weigh in. I started this competition at 259 pounds and with 50.7% body fat. My goal at the beginning was to lose the body fat and not worry to much about the numbers, but by the end I was focused on both pounds and body fat and in the end I think focusing on both was a great plan.

Weight: 259
Body Fat: 50.7%

Weight: 242.2
Body Fat: 45.5%

Weight Loss = 16.8
Body Fat Loss = 5.2%

The weight loss equals out to be about a 1.9 pound loss each week. I would have liked to have lost 5 more pounds and at least 1% more of body fat, but seeing as I was sick almost the entire process I think I did an amazing job. I am not going to do the what-if game and say I should have done something better. I work out for my long term goals, and this was just the push I needed to make it to those long term goals.

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