March 17, 2011

The Final Push...of the contest

During the middle of the Biggest Loser Contest I began to feel as though I wasn't in a contest and that my body just wasn't going to perform the way I wanted it to in a short period of time. But, these last 2 weeks I pushed my body further then I had been and realized that I want to win this contest more then anything right now. I want to feel the joys of victory, and know that my efforts are recognized. As I'm writing this I am close to tears, because I know how hard I've worked and it means something to me in the end weather I win the contest or not. But, at the same time not winning may bring on a sense of doubt upon myself.

I have been taking Zumba and Body combat twice a week each for almost the entire time of the contest, and have felt the change in my body from these classes. Outside of group exercise I take the Biggest Loser Fitness class where the trainers put us through a rigid routine of weight training, cardio, and serious calisthenics. When I'm working out alone I put myself through the same routines, run on the elliptical as fast as I can for as long as I can (usually 30-45 min) and at the end of each day my body is screaming in agony from the rigorousness of those exercises.

I am praying today, exercising, and watching everything that I may eat or drink. This is the end of a short journey, but not the end of my journey. Please have me in your thoughts today and into tomorrow morning as I pray that this prize is there for me.


  1. Go Rebekah go!! You can do it!! Oh yeah and thank you for kicking my rear on Monday - I am still sore! Maybe you should take up teaching!

  2. I would love to be at the ability to teach others! It would really inspire me. Thanks for working out with me! :)