March 15, 2011

Just 10 more Pounds to 100

This week already feels like it's going to really be exciting, hard, and be a sprint for the finish. I am so excited for the next chapter in my weight loss journey. I would like to tell you why I am moving into another chapter soon.

About a month after Julia turned a year old I was still at my heaviest weight and gaining. We did not have a handle on our finances or our health. And trust me, the two go hand and hand in my opinion. I went into the doctor for my "yearly girl exam" and saw the real number in front of me. Now here's the truth telling that people need to hear - I was at 333 pounds. My body was hurting all the time, and my mind was filled with self loathing and depression. Just days weeks later Julia began to walk! Wow, such a micircle to watch her grow and develop from all the struggles she had to overcome. I can't say that this moment was when I realized I needed to lose weight or that my fog of depression lifted, because it wasn't. But God slowly took me out of this fog by allowing me the ability to slowly lose just a few pounds (from chasing after my now running child) and noticing the difference in my body. About 3 months into Julia's walking I began to realize that my body would feel better if I lost this weight. My clothes were fitting a little better (although still the largest size I had ever worn) and some people even noticed.

Now, in January of 2010 is when my real journey began and started this blog and I was truly lifted out of the depression. I was now almost 30 pounds lighter without even trying. I began walking every day with Julia through our town (about a mile a day) and started using my Wii fit. I began to feel better. We then began to take control of our finances and not eat out or buy expensive junk food. This made a huge impact! If you read through the archives of 2010 you can see the journey unfold and my weight begin to shed off of me. I was smiling more, talking to people more, and participating in my life once again.

So now here we are in 2011 and I am 10 pounds (give or take a few oz) away from losing 100 pounds! It took me a year and half to reach this point, but it was worth the hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and especially the amazing relationship I developed with the Lord and myself each day I accomplished something.

I will continue to keep working, because though I may be healthier and fitter I am still at an unhealthy weight and have another long journey towards that healthy weight I want to find. My goals will change, my outlook is stronger, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. You are looking so happy and assured of yourself. I cheered you on when you went to the front of the church about the new Mom's group~hugs Rebekah!