March 21, 2011

What's Next?

I have so much to say about the last 9 weeks, and even more about the next 9 weeks in my life. Not only have I experienced myself feeling amazing, energized, happy, and completely proud of my abilities, but I have accomplished so much in the past year I never would have thought possible in my abilities. I did not win the Biggest Loser Contest, and don’t even know how close I came to winning (working on finding out though). I was disappointed at first (maybe I still am a little) but I truly know that I gained so much from the experience. I’ve gained knowledge and strength, but the most that I’ve gained is the drive and the desire to keep going.

While on a short vacation this weekend, I stepped away from the meal plans, the calorie counting, and the gym. But, I did not step away from the mentality. I did sit-ups and yoga, worked out to a couple of exercise videos, and did not choose to over indulge in large amounts of food and drinks. My core beliefs stayed intact, and that I am proud of. At the same time though I was away from my home, my comfort zone, and did not take count of what I was eating. That being said I need to refocus myself and remember the goals I set forth for myself. I have always said I did not want to restrict myself in life, or cause others to make changes for me due to my needs, so in that I am happy to have had a weekend of fun. Now it is back to the grind stone and working hard at the gym and home.

Next Goals for coming weeks include:
- Get a new scale!
- Lose 12 pounds (the amount I need to make it to 100 pounds lost)
- Go down 1 pant size and fit into a new pair of jeans!

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