March 23, 2011

The Results are in...

The other day I found out the results of the winners from the Biggest Loser Contest from my gym. The results for the body fat do not make sense to me, I'm thinking she misspoke about the results, because otherwise I should have won. LOL, and obviously that did not happen.

Woman's Results:
Highest % weight Loss: 12% - I lost 10%
Highest % body fat loss: (she said) 5.2+ % - I lost 5.5%

Men's Results:
Highest % weight loss: 12.6%
Highest % of body fat loss: 5.3%

For me to have won the weight loss category I would have needed to lose over 30 pounds during the 9 weeks of the contest (over 3 pounds a week). The women in the competition were very diverse, but my one complaint was that many of them did not have alot of weight to loose. Most of them were around an ideal weight and were in the contest for training and muscle building, but when someone under 200 pounds loses weight their percentage is going to be much higher then mine will be.

There are many things I could have done differently, but I am so glad to have done this contest!

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