March 25, 2011

Keeping Motivated!!!

I took today off from the gym and apparently my body decided to take a day off from feeling good too. I haven't been eating the best this past week, and felt like it was a layover from poor eating during the weekend beach trip. I'm trying to refocus my mind and body, but there is something holding me back. I am fighting the green eyed monster all over again, and need to find the power button on my body again. I'm tired of feeling like each day is an up hill battle. I just wish I could find a comfortable place in the journey and ride the wave for a little while.

I am retaining water very badly today and could account for it being poor diet and sore muscles, but it feels even more like my body is screaming at me for the choices I was making. I need to sit back and regulate myself again. No more extra snacking, no more night time treats because I'm under my calorie goals, and certainly no more excuses. Part of this journey is to retrain myself into not falling off the wagon every time I reach a goal. I can not celebrate with food. I need to celebrate with praise to my hard work and realize that my reward is the healthy body in the end.

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