May 10, 2011

Biggest Loser Contestant Meet & Greet

On April 30th we walked a 10k walk in support of March of Dimes. My goal was to accomplish the walk in 2 hours, knowing I'd have several stops along the way for my team. We did this in record time, and I was so proud of all of us. At the start of the walk we were getting ready to move towards the start line and spotted a contestant from The Biggest Loser! Holly-Molly, my eyes popped open and I got so excited I began to jump up and down! It was Jesse, Arthur's Dad from the current season! I found him and told him my story - close to losing 100 pounds! He gave me a huge hug (we all remember he was a hugger!) and told me I was his hero for doing it on my own without the ranch! I said, I could have won this thing if I'd been at the ranch!

If you watch the current season of Biggest Loser then you know Arthur and Jesse's story - Arthur being the largest contestant ever on the show. They are both from Portland, and have a weekly walk at a Portland Park together that others can join in. They walk every Saturday at Broughton Beach on Marine Drive at 10 in the morning.

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