May 11, 2011

Body Pump Review

Yesterday I took, for the first time Body Pump, a 60-minute workout that works all major muscles groups by using weight room exercise like squats, presses, lifts and curls all instructed to music. The instructor that was scheduled to teach was out with a sore muscle, so I did not get the current Body Pump release for my first day. I think that was okay though for a beginner, seeing as the sub said he hadn’t taught in a year and was doing some easier routines. Overall my thoughts on the class were positive, but still intimidating.

As I walked in I did not recognize any of the people in the class, like I do in my other group classes. That first off was pretty intimidating, especially since none of them offered a hello or an encouraging or helpful word my way. I finally asked the instructor what to do, since everyone else seemed to have already set up their weights. Not being familiar with my skill level like many of the other trainers in the gym he set me up with 2.5 and 5 pound weights to start off with, gave me some general instruction on the class, and though I’ve taken a mini lesson on the class from another instructor I didn’t get the weight instructions very well. After the warm-up the daycare attendant came in to get me, because my lovely daughter needed a diaper change (don’t ask about this story, just gets worse). By the time I got back my head was unfocused and not in the class anymore. I had to go for the next 40 minutes wondering if Jon was picking up Julia on time, if she was crying because I left her again, and all the other complications that go along with having a child in daycare while you workout!! Needless to say I just didn’t get the whole experience from the class, but I kept on going with it anyways. By the time we’d done our 3rd set of squats my thighs were burning and my shoulders were screaming! I knew I had done the right thing by taking this class.

My plan to take the class once a week probably won’t be a good one, seeing as that gives my body to long to recover from the lifting, so I will be going back in on Thursday to get more torture done to my body. As for this morning my entire body is sore and tight, and I will need some serious stretching. On a side note, I was clumsy while walking during the evening around town with the family, and slightly fell off a curb. I ended up twisting my big toe that is already injured, so not only is my body sore, but my toe is bruised and doesn’t want me to put all my weight down onto it. Great!! I’ll just keep on keeping on though!


  1. I find it a little odd that a sore muscle would take out an instructor. But what do I know? Good for you. I tried this class once and wasn't a big fan but I could have just had a bad teacher AND it was full of old men which just creeped me out.

  2. Actually she had tendonitis on her shoulder and had to take 2 weeks off for the swelling to go down. I just didn't want to go deep into her own issues when the post wasn't about that. The class I took is filled with middle and younger women, sometimes a guy will show up. I know at other gyms the class is huge with men though.