June 06, 2011

Quick Check in

Well I haven't been updating a lot, and really do not have any real reason as to why. The inspiration isn't there anymore to write, I'm just focused and working hard all the time. I am trying to find some more ideas to keep all the motivation and inspiration going for you and myself. I recently saw a sport injury doctor because I have been battling with knee pain for about 2 months and started having shoulder pain too. After a complete check-up without any scans or x-rays it appears I only need to stretch better! I have very tight calf muscles and an old injury to my shoulder has caused some remolding to the area that will need some extra TLC and stretching.

Since beginning Body Pump about 4 weeks ago I've been watching my body transform. I've lost some pounds and my waist, arms, and shoulders are really changing. I am not seeing a lot of change in my butt or legs, so I will need to focus more there.

My Current weight is 236, which means I've lost 6 pounds since March. Not a huge lose, but still a lose. Since my diet has change so much back into a very budget friendly one I've had to reteach myself how to portion control high fat foods (because unfortunately high fat foods are less expensive). I'm learning more tenchniques on cooking completely from scratch as well, which is helping lower sodium levels and allowing me to have more control over what goes into my body.

Hoping for new cross trainer shoes for my 30th birthday! Watch for stretching/yoga moves to help with muscles pain along with some diet and health posts.

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