May 26, 2011


I recently finished reading "Believe it, Be it" By Ali Vincent, the first Woman Biggest Loser. The book was such an easy read, and most of it was back story on herself. But, the end of the book is about how to stay within your healthy lifestyle once you get there. One thing I have never done before it sit down and really write down and analyze how I became an obese person. This was one of the first tasks that trainer Jillian Michaels gave the contestants on the show.

Write down 2 questions. 1: Why are you here? 2. What do you want in life? This struck me to the core of my heart this past week. It hurt to have to think about all the past reasons why I became over weight. I didn't start writing it down until I could move past the depression that over took me. I face those same issues almost daily. So I've finally have them written down and ready to share with you. They are very generalized, but open for my own discussion in my head.

Why are you here?
- Emotional eating
- Depression & anxiety of the unknown and uncontrollable
Being hurt by others and not moving past the pain
- Guilt over hurting other people
- Addiction to food
- Lazy
- Selfish – always asking other to do things for me that I could do for myself
- Fear of judgment from others and self
- Not taking the time to find who I really am and want to be
- Excuse making

What do you want in life?
- follow God’s path 100% of the time
- My children to choose the lord for their life and follow my lead in life
- to be debt free
- to be satisfied with what I have and am
- Become a runner & race
- To be a role model for my children and others around me
- Have control over my emotions and find healthy outlets for them
- To take time for myself
- Celebrate my relationships and the loved ones around me all the time
- To be organized

My Challenge to you is to do the same thing for yourself. Write out your Bucket list of how you want your life to be when you are no longer holding onto weight that holds you back.