May 19, 2011

They just don't get it

I had someone tell me I couldn't have something the other day because I'm on a diet (trying to joke with me). But, I just rolled my eyes and said it's a life style change. But what this really brought to the forefront of my mind is that some people just don't get it in life. Not just this person, but so many people who tell me they are "proud" of me but don't even know me. Yeah sure I lost of a lot of weight, and still have a whole heck of a lot of weight to loose, but I didn't do this for a number. I do what I do day in and day out because I am making a change in my lifestyle. I am becoming a more balanced, happier, and healthier person! I don't eat amazingly low calorie diet foods, I don't starve myself, and I do lead an active lifestyle!

Defeating my Weight is about defeating the stigma of obesity! I have amazing endurance, stamina, and strength, but the numbers say I'm still obese. Who cares! I work out now not only to lose weight, but because I enjoy it! I enjoy the competition that I set up in my head, staying focused, and the release of stress that the 2 hours a day at the gym gives me.

There are plenty of times I do restrict myself from eating something, especially when I was doing the biggest loser contest at my gym, but it's not about a complete restriction - it's about moderation. Maybe I've eaten great all day, and have a slice of cake in evening, that's ok! Maybe I didn't eat so great all day, so I don't eat that cake. That's ok too!

I am happy, I am healthier, and on my way to having the body I want and am in control of!

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