February 03, 2012

Week 2 weigh-in - on track!

Week 2:
Weight: 234
Weight Lose = 5 pounds
Total weight loss = 11.5 pounds

Bust: 45.75” – 45”
Chest: 40.25” – 41”
Waist: 44.75” – 43”
Hips: 50.25” – 49”
Total inches lost = 3 inches
* The gain in the chest area could mean many things. We could have measured wrong, I’ve been coughing a lot, so my muscles were very constricted, or I just gained some muscles.

This week has been difficult in many ways, but mostly due to catching a pretty fierce cold from my daughter (and all the other kids around me). For a good part of the week I felt great, but by Wednesday it had hit me and Thursday was the worst. Today I sit here coughing about every 2 minutes and falling asleep to the wonders of Nyquil. Hopefully I will post soon about my meal planning for this coming week, and how to conquer the common cold during weight loss.


  1. I know, my husband is awful about taking them for me! I'll get one this week, promise!