January 27, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In

Week 2: (will post a picture later!)
Weight: 239
Weight Lose = 6.4 pounds

Bust: 46.5” - 45.75"
Chest: 42” - 40.25"
Waist: 47” - 44.75"
Hips: 51” - 50.25"
Total inches lost = 5.5 inches

Amazing weight lose this week! I’m so excited to see the results so quickly, and give myself a boost of confidence and energy! This week has been a huge struggle, and I know it won’t get any easier from this point on. Only once this week did I actually manage to get 4 hours in the whole day, and I felt so great afterwards I knew if I just had a better plan I’d be able to accomplish it every day! Here’s a break down for the week, Sunday is a short workout day, and had zero hours because I was still fasting, Monday I got in 3 hours, Tuesday was another 3 hours, Wednesday was 4 hours, and Thursday was the hardest for me with only 2 hours. Today I’ve already been at the gym for 1.5 hours and then walked/jogged at the gym for 2 hours! Tonight I’ll do a little gym time, and then Saturday will be my rest and recuperate day.

My emotional strength this week wavered several degrees each day, and I struggled a lot with how difficult the limitations I had put on myself were becoming. On Thursday I met some of the competition during the Biggest Loser workout class, and realize that I do have to bring my A-game always! There will be no slacking, excuse making, and lots of dedication and hard work! I am so grateful for the amount of support I have been given, and the people who are uplifting me with help with their time, efforts, and their daily challenges!

Weekly Calories/Burned:
Monday – 1435/1724
Tuesday – 1223/2553
Wednesday – 1355/2186
Thursday – 1288/1024
*Friday – 1200/2144 (this is just projected for the day)

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