March 04, 2012

Training in Session!

I have to say that there is such a difference from working out by myself as compared to working with a trainer. For a long time I have felt that I was capable of doing most of the work on my own, but in the past few weeks have felt that I was lacking in ways to challenge my body in ways I had not before. With the help of an amazing friend I was able to workout with a trainer today and the workout was brutal and challenging. With a mix between a cross-fit circuit and some great weight lifting sets I had 2 hours of serious calorie burning and muscle building.

My hope for the next 3 weeks is to be able to workout with this trainer 1-2 times a week and especially the evening before or day of my final weigh-in of the Biggest Loser contest! The workout was challenging, but at the same time I was capable. I felt amazing being told by a professional that I’m in great shape and needed to be pushed even more then this. I have an ability to be a great athlete for myself, and it feels amazing to know that I am so close to such a huge goal. My muscles are sore and tight tonight, but nothing a good stretch and some ice won’t fix. I have no problem pushing myself to this level of intensity, and am glad to have such an amazing opportunity to do so.

Goal for the week: I’m going to put this out here for all of you to know – 10 pound weight loss this week! I’m going for a huge number, and even if it’s an 8 or a 6, I know that if I push for that 10 I will succeed in any way possible. Bring on the pain!

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