January 29, 2010

Did I throw the weigh in?

January 29 Loss: -2.1 lbs
January 22 Loss: -4.4 lbs
January 15 Loss: -6 lbs

BMI today: 50.70
BMI last week: 51.07

Total Weight loss: 12.5 lbs

I’ve lost 2 pounds this week. I don’t sounds excited, do I? I joked that maybe I’m throwing the weigh in (you know like the red team did in The Biggest Loser), but I suppose I need to start having a deficit of calories instead of just burning a couple of hundred calories a day. I do not have a gym membership, and I do not have a lot of extra time. I am waking-up early to exercise, as well as staying up late to do the same on some nights. I walk during the day with Julia at a very fast pace, and I am really hoping that I can begin to loose more weight next week.

When I began this journey this month I tried not to have to high of expectations, but of course when you’re trying to lose weight you’re always going to have expectations. I felt like that if I just made better decisions about food, and became a lot more active that I could just start to shed this weight. Isn’t that what they do on Biggest Loser? Well, of course they have all the gym equipment and a trainer telling them how much to do and when. I had that once, and it helped for a short time. But, it’s a crutch that I used for to long and now I need to learn to do the work myself. Of course it would be nice to have access to the gym again, but not an option at this time.

How is everyone doing on their own weight loss resolution? I feel like mine is still going strong, and continues to provide a challenge for me at the same time.

Total Calories today: 1,901

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