January 28, 2010

Go For A Walk Mommy!

So, we have been walking so much this month that Julia is expecting to leave at a certain time in the afternoon now. It was so cute today; she just stood at the door reaching for her coat. So, off we went into the windy cold weather for (not mine) Julia’s daily walk.

All kidding aside, it’s so wonderful to be instilling these behaviors in my daughter at such an early age. The whole reason I finally came to the realization that these changes needed to be made in my life, was that I didn’t want her to have to make those changes in her own life when she was older. I wanted my family to be able to be healthy and active without feeling like they are missing out on anything. Julia is trying more vegetables lately, and us really beginning to enjoy them more. She’s always loved fruit and now that she has her back teeth in, she’s enjoying more chicken and other meats. I’m so glad to have the opportunities to change my life now.

Making changes in my life made me really interested in a recent Oprah show about eating organic, local, free range, and vegan food. The show focused on the way our meat today is produced and grown, and how far most of our vegetables come from. I’ve always wanted to be able to buy organic and local foods, and living in Oregon it is a lot more possible then in some other areas. But, Jon and I have decided that the choices we are making by eating fresh foods and having our foods cooked from home are where we are at in this journey, and maybe some day we will make the move to buying organic, free range, and local foods. Of course, we won’t be going vegan any time soon. I have all the respect for those who can do it, but we love meat. (Insert joke here)

Total Calories: 1,868

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