January 27, 2010

You've Lost Weight!

So, for the first time during my weight loss journey someone has said to me the most amazing words. “You’ve lost weight.” Wow, that was so amazing to hear. After starting to feel my clothes loosen up on me, and now the amazing words I felt pretty powerful today. This person hadn’t seen me in over a month and half, so it probably was more obvious to her then to people who see me more on a regular basis.

On top of that cloud 9, I was extremely tired due to Miss Julia waking up at 6 am! But, we took a nap, and I was able to recover from that. Then, once I was more awake, I take on my clumsy self and fall UP (yes, up) the stairs while carrying Julia up stairs. Don’t worry, she’s ok, but was very surprised, and I banged up my knees and elbow. I don’t know how I manage these things. Anyways, it took about an hour and half for Advil to kick in and take the pain away so that I could go on my walk. So, I managed to get a walk in and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having, even if it was super cold.

Well, with all that went on today I didn’t seem to eat a lot, even though I had all my meals and snacks. By the end of the day I was calculating it all up and realized that I still had 200 calories to go. So, of course my non-fat ice cream was the prize! Tonight I made a pasta salad with leftovers from the roasted vegetables we had with our roast. Another round 2 meal. It was good and hearty, plus I used whole wheat pasta. The whole wheat aspect was not a winner with Julia though. Even though she was super hungry she rejected the pasta every time.

Another great part of my food intake today was that because I ate so much non-processed foods I was able to stay in a healthy range of sodium. This is such a huge part of my diet and health. When I take in to much sodium on a daily basis it can cause me to have high blood pressure, hyper tension, and even just bloating. I feel so inspired by my achievements today!

Total Calories: 1,813 Total Burned: 157

Breakfast: Special K & Milk and Yogurt – 353
Snack: English Muffin w/ Low-fat Peanut butter – 290
Lunch: Left over Spaghetti & cantaloupe and ½ serving of pretzel sticks – 212
Snack: Banana – 110
Dinner: Roasted Vegetables Pasta Salad – 630
Snack: non-fat chocolate ice cream – 220


  1. WOW! How nice for someone to notice! You go!Your eating looks great! Gee, now I want some cantaloupe :-)

    Keep it up!

    Followy my journey to lose half of me: http://drophalfofme.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks! It was wonderful to be noticed!