January 26, 2010

Loose Pants

Ladies, do you know when you put on a fresh from the laundry pair of jeans and they sure must have shrunk because they are as tight as can be? I always dealt with that with Jeans. I would have to lie down on the bed, suck in, and then be able to zip and button them. Today I pulled out my clean jeans with hesitation, knowing what was coming. I pulled them up my legs, and low and behold I didn’t need to even suck in to zip up and button my pants!

The most satisfying reward that comes to me through exercise and diet is my clothes beginning to fit looser. Not only are my tight jeans fitting looser, but my bras need to be tightened both around the bust and on the straps. But, of course I still have a new pair of jeans that I’m working towards fitting into.

As for dieting, today has not been as successful as I would like, but having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you always have to cook at home and eat exactly healthy all the time. I had Subway for lunch, which of course isn’t so bad on the calories, but the sodium levels are very high when it comes to bread and meats. For dinner my mom decided to buy us Chinese food for us. So I made some healthy choices when it came to this. I made sure to have smaller portions, and ordered steamed vegetables.

With all the high sodium I had today I made sure to workout enough, so I turned up my Wii Active to high intensity and went for a walk earlier on in the day. I really enjoyed having some of my favorite foods, and knowing that it’s ok to have them with the right choices.


  1. That is great! I am just starting to have those phenomena with my clothes again. It is a wonderful feeling. And, congrats on your good choices. Even if they weren't perfect, it is wonderful that you didn't use the "excuse" to eat whatever you wanted. I used to do that a lot.

  2. Oh totally...I use to say if I'm going to have this unhealthy meal, might as well make it worth it, right? So, I would over eat and compleatly feel bad about myself afterwards. This time was so different!