January 25, 2010

A stroll through Monday

Walking is probably one of my favorite exercises right now. I am enjoying being outside and getting fresh air again, and just doing something other then being stationary. Today we took an hour long walk around Sandy. We walked from our house all the way to Walgreen’s at Bluff rd and then back through the neighborhood. I’m not sure the distance we went, but if you know the town you will know how far. It seemed to really ware us both out, and Julia was hungry and cranky afterwards. Although during the walk she was happy as a clam. How do we know how happy a clam is by the way?

For dinner tonight I took some of the leftover roast from last night and made it into chili. The chili is another Sandra Lee recipe, in which she calls it a round two recipe. I am really enjoying using these recipes, and it really is a huge budget saver. I used all low sodium products, and again made corn bread to go with the meal. I felt like I gorged myself, but in reality the meal was less than 700 calories, with the extra corn bread muffin I had to indulge myself.

So even with my large dinner I still managed to stay just at my calorie range, and I also burned a large amount of calories today. Even though I hate Mondays with a passion, it turned out to be not so shabby.

Total Calories: 1,903 Total Burned: 493

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