January 24, 2010

We attempted another new recipe today for dinner, and it was wonderfully delicious. We pulled out the crock pot and made pot roast and roasted vegetables. The recipe comes from Sandra Lee on the food network, and was full of flavor and leftovers. We even invited people over to eat some of it and sent some home with them. Everything we used was low sodium as well, so it didn’t have a lot of salt to it. Unfortunately she does not give nutritional facts with her recipes, so I had to go hunting down a similar recipe for that.

Here’s a link to the recipe. Pot Roast with Roasted Root Vegetables
It’s way to long for me to post here, plus we used a few different vegetables. And here’s a picture of our meal, along with corn bread.

Cravings have been down today, but I did make it to the store to find some healthy chocolate ice cream for when they do hit. Overall, I’ve had a nice day even if it was stormy and cold. That’s why you pull out the crock pot, right?

Total Calories today: 1,836 Total Burned: 0 – no workout today

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