January 31, 2010

How can we all live a cleaner life?

To receive great joy, comes great cost. I heard that today in church during the sermon given from Pastor Frank. I really heard his message today. He spoke about falling short of God’s grace and mourning for ours and other’s sins and short comings. I heard this message in regards of our life changes. We have been falling short of living up to God’s grace, and I realized today that part of my journey is making more of an effort to live up to those standards.

We can not live up to these standards if we continue to throw away our money on fast food, expensive restaurants, stuff to “pretty” up our homes, and wasting our time in front of the television. I am so excited to have the changes be significant in our lives, and I really hope to spread the word to others to do the same.

Living a clean life is something I am so enthusiastic about that I want everyone to know about it. I have a friend who recently started a vegan diet with her husband, and they have the same enthusiasm for their life change as I do for mine. It’s so great to watch people make changes, and see them tell everyone around them about it because it’s so powerful in their lives. A clean life doesn’t just end with your diet and activity levels. It only begins there. This kind of change really needs to make its way into your finances, your relationships, and especially your spirituality. As American’s we live such a rich life, not with money, but with freedom. We are able to choose what we do with our money, and how we live our life. But, this has given us too much waste and indulgences in our lives. We spend to much on fancy foods, wines, and all the glitters that go with that. A clean life is a minimalist life that gives you your basic necessities, and allows you to grown your lifestyle within your relationships and spirituality. Don’t get me wrong, Jon and I have lived up our lives with fancy gadgets and nice clothes and accessories, but it didn’t just effect the wallet but our waistlines. I am so excited to be able to grow as a person through this, and the more I lean and the more I hear from others I continue to do so.

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