February 19, 2010

Friday Weight in- Maybe I should be sick more often!

February 19 Loss: -4.6
February 12 Loss: -2.4
February 5 Loss: -4.4
January 29 Loss: -2.1 lbs
January 22 Loss: -4.4 lbs
January 15 Loss: -6 lbs

BMI Today: 48.74
BMI Last Week: 49.53

Total Weight Loss: 23.9
Oh wow, I can’t believe how successful I have been this week in weight loss. Like I’ve been saying I have been trying to keep my calorie intake down to counteract the lack of exercise that has been during my horrific sore throat and ear infection now. Yes, I said infection. I am now on antibiotics for the painful and clogged up ear that I have been dealing with for a week. Maybe now I will get better by this Monday and be able to get back all the way on the exercise horse. I felt so good to have lost this weight this week, and know that I am truly making a difference in myself.

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