February 20, 2010

Just trying to make it through the day today

It has been such a beautiful day to be outside and enjoying the sun. I certainly felt this way when I got around this morning, but just went down hill all day. My ear hasn’t been feeling any better yet, and I think I’m having some side effects from the medication as well. Poor Julia had to deal with a sleepy mommy today, and I had a very hard time finding much effort to get up and go today.

I was able to make the walk before it got to late this afternoon, but it had already become quite chilly by the time we got out there. I suppose that’s why I walked so quickly though, and we managed to stay out for 30 minutes.

I made a turkey meat loaf for dinner, which probably took most of my energy just to make by the way. It was alright, wasn’t my idea of exactly the perfect healthy meal (especially with the mashed potatoes), but it was very low in calories.

I’m just going to keep working at the level I can while I’m dealing with the infection, and watch what I eat. I’m also getting back into my favorite hobby, scrapbooking, and it has given me so much pleasure to get back into it. Having a passion for something like this has always given me more drive for the other things in my life. I also have to say that my faith has continued to grow, and this is major reason why I am feeling so successful in life right now.

Total Daily Calories: 1,646

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