February 21, 2010

Stressful End of the Day

Sundays for some reason are always very hard for me. I can’t seem to put my finger on what makes it such a stressful day. It should be a day that I am rejoicing in my faith and enjoying my family, but for some reason it’s become the day of stress for me.

Most of the day went off without a hitch. Julia woke up really good, but was quite a picky eater for most of the day. During church though she had this panic attack that we were going to leave her, which of course she was about to be taken down to the nursery and be left there, but she always gets over it and is happy again. Today wasn’t as easy, but she did eventually get over the anxiety and play. The message at church was, as usual, something I really needed to hear, and that always brings me closer to God and gives me a calm spirit.

Once we came home today Jon and I put Julia down for a nap and he made homemade French fries (I love these things!) and we had turkey burgers for lunch. I scrapbooked some during nap time, and then we all went for a walk when Julia woke up (including the dog). After the walk though I started to feel really sick again, and was experiencing some pretty bad ear pain and body aches. So, I laid down for awhile, and Jon was wonderful enough to play with Julia while I did this. When I woke up though it was dinner time, and I hadn’t had any plans yet. This is where life became stressful again.

Having meals planned out are essential to my lifestyle now. It helps me to take a lot of stress way from the day, and gives me back control of the food that I am eating. Today was not the case. I was still slightly sleepy, and said I had wanted Julia to have some mac & cheese (her favorite), and so Jon went ahead and began to make that. This made it so stressful for me because that wasn’t what I wanted to or should eat. So, we were defrosting chicken to make BBQ chicken and the mac & cheese is finished, and now we’re all jumbled up with our dinner schedule and Julia’s eating while we’re making our own food. It just became to overwhelming for me, and made me feel frustrated. I ended up having some of the mac & cheese and chicken, but I am still feeling out of control and just plain sad.

My ear is continuing to bother me, so I will sleep in to get some more rest of my immune system. I will go for my walk tomorrow though, and try to make the best of my frustrations.

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