February 22, 2010

Margaritas & Enchiladas! Need I say more?

Happy Margaritas Day! Oh yeah, I said it, it is it National Margarita Day, and I celebrated. Alcohol usually isn’t a good idea when trying to loose weight, but sometimes you just have to let loose. I had some chicken thawing this morning and decided that to embrace the margaritas and make enchiladas. Let me tell you, I had a great evening with cooking, eating, and drinking my way through my love of food and drink. I am sure that all was low fat at least, once calculated I will see if it was low calorie too.

As for the rest of my day it actually turned out really nice. Julia didn’t have her normal bad Monday behavior because Daddy went back to work, and all went well with her day. We managed a nice mile walk with the dog in tow. He is really learning to walk on the leash next to the stroller. It’s late though and I have way more to say, but need to get to bed. I will post about the food tomorrow hopefully, and hope everyone enjoyed their Monday as much as I.

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