February 23, 2010

Hello there Rain!

Oh the rain has come back to the neighborhood once again. Which of course this means no walks around town after nap time for Julia and I. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t get some kind of exercise in, right? Well, possibly.

All morning it looked like the rain wasn’t going to come out way until much later in the day, but there it was just as soon as Julia woke up from her nap. So, we had lunch, and played in the house until we left to go for a car ride. I was able to get a little exercise in here, by doing push-ups with her on my back (I know it sounds all macho and hard core, but she’s so light and wobbly that I was lucky to get 5 in) and then attempted some sit-ups, but was not successful with Julia trying to climb all over me.

Today was national Pancake Day, and to celebrate we made pancakes for dinner. Of course Julia was delighted and stuffed herself, and I did well by just having 1 serving (3 medium sized pancakes) and 1 serving of syrup. I better have a salad tomorrow to get some vegetables in me soon. Now I am having an evening snack because I still hadn’t had enough calories yet. Can you believe I’m saying that, “I need more calories”?

Daily Calories: 1,511

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