March 09, 2010

Feeling Postive!

Do you know how good it feels when someone is walking with you and asks you to slow down? I’m usually the one who is falling behind and out of breath trying to keep up, typically when I’m walking with Jon. But, I’ve noticed that I am keeping in stride with Jon when we walk, and getting my walk in much faster then it use to take me.

It always feels so good when I know I am improving and making myself a healthier person. I love feeling that way, and really can’t wait to see the end results of my hard work. I made some pretty healthy nachos tonight for dinner, and made some healthy choices when I went out to Panda Express with my mom for lunch.

On top of making healthier choices with food and exercise I am doing so great with our budget, and I can’t wait until we are debt free. I am so hopeful for everyone else that is and have taken the FPU class, and love to hear about success stories.

My calorie counter web site is down tonight, and I am only guessing that I am under my calories tonight.

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