March 08, 2010

Still needing motivation!

We almost didn’t get to go for our walk this afternoon when I looked outside and saw snow coming down from the sky. Yes, I said snow, and it wasn’t just hail, but snow that came down really fast, didn’t stick, and then came back several times in the evening. Such weird weather we’ve been having! But, none the less, little Julia decided we still had to go even if it was cold enough to snow outside today. So, I bundled her up in her snow coat and off we went into the freezing temperatures of Sandy (it was only 40 degrees).

I’ve noticed that I’m not getting as motivated for my exercises now that I am back to non-sick life. I expected this to occur though since once you jump off the work-out wagon it’s hard to get back on. Not that I’m not walking every day, but I need to get back to the Wii fit and the DVD workouts that I was doing 4-5 times a week.

We made biscuits and gravy for dinner tonight, and it was very good and just a small serving went a long way. I also cooked up some spinach with it, which I bought a 2 ½ bag of today at Costco.

Daily Calories: 1,779

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