May 10, 2010

Weigh In (sorry it's late)

Weight: 284.6

Total Weight Loss: 23.7

I have lost -2.8 pounds this week and a total of 23.7 since January 1. I feel like I worked so hard this past week and that only a 2.8 loss is somewhat disappointing. I know that I should be grateful for any negative numbers and like Jon was telling me last night, I should be even more grateful for not gaining weight. When I look back at the times I have lost a significant amount of weight it’s always been a torturous amount of time, and never a quick result. I’m sure I gave up several times during that process as well, but in the end I looked the way I wanted to and was happy about it. The only thing I want to change about that is the end result – NOT PUTTING IT BACK ON. So, slow and steady wins the race, and I’m going to have to remember that every week when all I’m getting are low numbers.

As for last week’s challenge, I didn’t quite make it. But, that’s okay. I went to the gym every day, except Thursday and Saturday, but did workout at home those days. Thursday I did the Wii fit exercises, and Saturday I took a long walk in the evening sun. Both were only light/moderate exercising where as I have been doing very vigorous workouts at the gym. So, since I focused so much on my exercising last week I think I’m going to tone it down a tad bit, and focus on the whole picture – calories in and calories out. My fitness challenge though is will continue, because I seem to work really well when I have something to work towards.

I found a great recourse for challenges on sparkpeople.com (where I count my calories and my workout calories burned). So this is a challenge from the stand point that we are in a plateau and need to change things up to get our body back into burn mode. This week's challenge is to incorporate one new cardio activity into your routine, 1-2 times per week. If you already do cardio 4-5 times a week, this activity could replace one or two of your regular workouts. If you currently do cardio 2-3 times per week, consider adding an extra day or two with something new. Think about the activities you like to do and pick something that you enjoy. For example, if walking is your primary form of cardio, try adding biking or swimming to your routine. Adding something totally different can really shake things up and help you start to see results again.

I started doing this cardio activity a little but last week some, but I was so tired from the Spinning class I took that I wasn’t really getting much out of it. Spinning and yoga were my new cardio activities last week, but I think the spinning is a little out of my league and time constraints right now, so I will pick that back up once I get some more endurance in me. So, I am going to start using the rowing machine more often this week. I see contestants on The Biggest Loser use this a lot and get great results with it, and when I did use it I felt a lot of muscles being used and my heart rate got going pretty good too.

Alright, post what new cardio activity you are going to include in your workout this week and let me know how it’s working out for you.

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